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Age Discrimination – Race Discrimination – Disability Discrimination
Gender And Sex Discrimination – Sexual Harassment – Pregnancy Discrimination – Public Accommodations

No one deserves to be discriminated against in the workplace. At The Bernard Law Firm, I have handled a wide variety of employment law cases throughout my more than 30 years in practice, particularly in employment discrimination cases. I aggressively advocate for employees, helping them understand their rights and working closely with them to develop an aggressive strategy that will protect their civil rights.

I do not shy away from taking cases involving large businesses or corporations. I can negotiate with your employer or take them to court if necessary – I am an effective trial lawyer who has been taking these cases to court for years.

Holding Employers Accountable For Workplace Discrimination

I am dedicated to providing tailored, thorough representation to people who have experienced workplace discrimination. Both Ohio and federal employment laws require employers to treat employees equally in hiring, promotion, discipline, termination and all other aspects of employment without regard to the employee’s membership in any protected class.

The categories of people who are protected vary by state and federal law, but include a wide range of characteristics:

  • Race or color
  • National origin and ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sex/gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age (being 40 or older)
  • Disability or handicap
  • Medical condition
  • Perceived disability
  • Need to take family or medical leave (FMLA)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation

Sexual Harassment And Other Illegal Harassment

Sexual harassment and other types of harassment are all too common in the workplace, despite many employers’ efforts to educate employees. I represent people who have experienced or are currently experiencing sexual or other harassment in the workplace, including unwanted sexual physical contact, inappropriate jokes or comments, or ridicule of a mannerism or physical characteristic.

Public Accommodations Violations Outside Of Employment

Discrimination can happen in other areas of life besides employment. A “place of public accommodation” means any store, supermarket, restaurant, bar, bank, movie theater, hotel, inn, restaurant, eating house, amusement park, barbershop, place of public travel by air, land, or water, theater, other places for the sale of merchandise, or any other place of public accommodation or amusement of which the accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges are available to the public.

The public, patrons, guests and invitees are entitled to receive the full enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, or privileges of the place of public accommodation as others outside their protected classification do, without sexual harassment or discrimination based on age, disability, handicap, national origin, ethnicity, sex, gender, race, pregnancy or religion. Nor is it lawful to retaliate against anyone for complaining about discrimination in a place of public accommodation. I have litigated, resolved and represented clients in a wide variety of cases where they have been the victims of harassment, discrimination and retaliation in a place of public accommodation.

You Can Trust In My Experience

Employees who are harassed based on their protected class, including their age, race, sex or gender, pregnancy, disability or handicap, religion, national origin or sexual preference may be entitled to recover damages for emotional distress, lost wages, attorney fees and, in some cases, punitive damages.

For more information about your rights and options in a discrimination or sexual harassment case, call The Bernard Law Firm at 440-546-7500 or contact me online. I can review your case to determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution to the situation.